Binghamton Sports Foundation

Our Story:

From the very beginning, the Foundation’s efforts have always focused on the youth of our community.  From Special Olympics, to our Giving Kids and Edge program, sponsoring youth hockey teams, and helping our high school hockey teams afford ice time, we strive to be recognized by our community as an organization that helps steer young people down the right path of life.  We believe an investment in our youth is also an investment in our future.

An integral part of our efforts, and one that has grown extensively over the years, is the Tommy Mitchell Scholarship program.  From its origination in 1987, the Foundation has awarded over $167,000.00 in funds to scholar athletes from the Southern Tier community.

The scholarship program was designed to remember Tommy, a very vivacious, fun-loving, sports enthusiast, who was unfortunately taken from us in a fatal motor vehicle accident at the age of 13 on his way to a travel pee-wee hockey game.  The outpouring of contributions from the community at the time of Tommy’s death was the basis for the initial funding, and the success of the program since then has been as a result of the continuing efforts of Foundation members, our fans, and loyal supporters.

To us, our scholarship program is not only a wonderful way to remember Tommy, but we like to think that a part of Tommy still lives with each and every recipient.


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